Resin Incense Pack – PREMIUM KIT


Beautiful natural resins, botanical powders, flowers, leaves and woods can be burned for their natural scent as incense over a charcoal disk in a censer (burner) – see our DISCOVER pages for our easy to follow PHOTO TUTORIAL on burning charcoal tablets.

This pack is our most advanced kit, featuring everything you need to get started burning beautiful resin incense like premium versions of a selection of resins, a beautiful brass burner, tongs, instructions and more. Each kit includes:

* ETCHED BRASS SCREEN CHARCOAL INCENSE BURNER / Censer with lid, screen and wooden coaster
* STAINLESS STEEL TONGS for safe handling of your charcoal
* CHARCOAL TABLETS – Four rolls of 10 SOEX / IRFAZ QUICK-LITE Charcoal Tablets (you may receive either brand)
* INSTRUCTION CARD with detailed instructions, safety notes, hints and tips
* EIGHT PACKS of some of our finest natural resin incense / wood pieces: Benzoin Sumatra 25g, Frankincense Omani Najdi Grade 25g, Myrrh Select 25g, Palo Santo Chips 15g, Sandalwood Powder 15g, Tibetan Meditation Powder 15g, White Copal 25g, White Sage Leaves, Crushed 10g.

If you’d prefer to choose your own accessories, the selection of eight resins is also available separately.