Rope Incense – AGARWOOD (XL)



This unique incense is handmade in Nepal using traditional methods passed from generation to generation: finely powdered dried botanicals & herbs are wrapped in hand-prepared lokta paper and braided to form a soft, rope-like dhoop stick. Light one end and once alight, blow out the flame to allow to smoulder and release its aromatic smoke. Rest a lit stick in a heatproof dish of sand or ash, a censer, or a Rope Burner stand or box (available separately).

Our XL sticks are approx 11cm long and can burn 30 – 40 mins. 40-45 sticks per pack. Handmade in Nepal.

Precious Agarwood is known as the ‘Wood of the gods’, used for cultural, religious and medicinal purposes, and in stupas and temples for aromatic ambiance. Agarwood is a highly psychoactive mystical resin used for meditation, unlocking the subconscious and balancing the chi. Burn for spiritual journeys, enlightenment, clarity and grounding.

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