Smudge Stick Pack – SMUDGE & PALO SANTO BAG


Our SMUDGE & PALO SANTO BAG includes everything you need to hold a Smudging & Palo Santo ceremony, with White Sage to clear and disperse negativity, and Palo Santo which has traditionally been used against bad energy, or for good luck. Included are:

* One small stick of pure PALO SANTO wood
* A palm-sized 7-9cm small ABALONE SHELL BOWL
* A SMUDGING PRAYER CARD with instructions, and a JUTE BAG to store your kit between uses

NOTE RE SIZE / FINISH: Handmade and natural products all vary in shape and size; some sticks may have longer or shorter stems, or will be slightly longer or thicker than others. Shells will have irregular shapes or patterns, and may have natural stains or markings on the shell, particularly on the rear side. Our Abalone Shells may also occasionally have a slight layer of yellow-tinted protective coating over the mother of pearl. The items you receive may look a little different to the ones pictured, however all are of the highest quality and generally well within the size range outlined above. All items also available separately.

Visit our DISCOVER pages to learn more about SMUDGING; see our other listings for sticks in other varieties of Sage, Cedar etc, as well as Palo Santo, Kits, Abalone Shells & more.