Smudge Stick – WILD LAVENDER / PURPLE SAGE 12-14cm


* Choose from a SINGLE STICK, or a discounted pack of THREE STICKS, before adding it to your cart.
* Sized at approx 12 – 14cm in length, and approx 2 – 3cm thick.

Our WILD LAVENDER Smudge Sticks are grown in California, and don’t use ‘compressed’ herbs or offcuts: the botanicals are cut straight from the bush, hand-rolled and bound with twine, then allowed to dry. While not related to the Lavender we use in aromatherapy (Lavandula angustifolia), Wild Lavender Sage (Salvia officinalis purpurea – also known as Lavender Sage or Purple Sage) is a member of the Salvia (sage) family. It gets its name from its clusters of purple flowers which make it physically resemble Lavender (especially when in bloom), and its similar clean, flowery fragrance. The leaves are rounded, green, and slightly fuzzy like Common Sage, but darken to gray when dried. Wild Lavender is known for its calming, peaceful, and sedating effects, and may inspire love and relieve anxiety.

NOTE RE SIZE: Handmade natural products all vary in shape and size; some may have longer or shorter stems, or will be slightly longer or thicker than others. The item you receive may look a little different to the one pictured, however all are made to the highest quality and generally well within the size range outlined above.

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