Snap Button Aroma Diffuser – PREMIUM, LOTUS DESIGN



* DON’T FORGET YOUR SNAP JEWELLERY BASE: This is a SNAP BUTTON designed to snap onto a Snap Jewellery Base Piece such as a pendant or bracelet – it requires an additional Base Piece to create a complete piece of jewellery, and is not designed to be used on its own.

Some photos may show more than one item. All purchases are for ONE diffuser button only – any additional jewellery bases or buttons pictured are NOT included, and are available separately. See our other listings for additional packs of 12mm Replacement Pads, or to choose your Snap Base piece or additional Decorative Buttons.


Snap Jewellery is a ‘mix & match’ style of jewellery: choose a ‘Snap Jewellery Base’ such as a pendant or bracelet, and then select your favourite decorative Snap Button or Snap Button Diffuser to snap onto it, adding your own style or colour, or to create a unique piece of personal Aroma Jewellery. Change your button or jewellery piece as often as you like to match your mood or outfit.

Aroma Jewellery is a fantastic way to take your aromatherapy (or perfume) wherever you go –  at approx 22mm in diameter, our Snap Diffuser Buttons also smaller in size than most standard aroma pendants, so are a great option if you’d prefer a smaller design. Just snap a Diffuser Button onto any of our Snap Jewellery Base Pieces, available separately, and change it whenever you’d like to try something new. Snap Button Diffusers feature a textile pad inside a locket design – just open the hinged front cover of your Diffuser Button and add a few drops of essential oil or an oil blend to the scent pad, and the scent will escape through the filigree holes as you wear your jewellery. When the scent naturally dissipates, top up with more oils as needed. Three pads included with each Diffuser Button – more available separately.

SNAP JEWELLERY PIECE: Lotus Design Premium Snap Button Aroma Diffuser
SIZE: Approx 20mm Diameter
LOCKET STYLE: Screw on front piece for easy access to the small scent pad
METAL: Durable 316L Surgical Stainless Steel – lead free. Silver coloured
SCENT PADS: Textile, 12mm. Three pads included, additional packs of 10 pads available separately

Made from the highest quality 316L Stainless Steel, or Surgical Steel, an iron-based alloy made of various elements, including all-important Chromium which is what makes steel rust-proof. Despite the name, Stainless Steel is NOT fully stain-proof, most notably under low oxygen, high salinity, or environments with poor circulation and so may eventually mark if not looked after, but as a general rule Stainless Steel is very mark & corrosion resistant. If your diffuser does get wet or exposed to salt water, was thoroughly and then open the locket and allow to completely dry. ALL Surgical Steel contains a very small amount of Nickel – if you are one of the unfortunate few with an allergy to Nickel avoid contact with Stainless Steel jewellery or other pieces. Be wary of sellers who advertise nickel-free surgical steel – without Nickel, it’s not Surgical Steel.

* Avoid dripping oils directly onto the diffuser as it may eventually corrode the metal. Remove the pad before adding your oils.
* Colourless oils will have a more attractive appearance than darker oils such as Patchouli that may stain the scent pad and be visible through the front of the design.
* Do not allow oils to come in contact with the skin or clothes as they may cause skin sensitivity, or stain fabrics.
* You don’t need to put too much oil onto your scent pad – essential oils are very strong so you don’t need to use too much.
* Keep out of reach of children and NEVER allow children or pets to chew the necklace / scent pads as most essential oils are toxic when ingested.