Snap Button, Crystal – AMETHYST, ROUND



* DON’T FORGET YOUR SNAP JEWELLERY BASE: This is a SNAP BUTTON designed to snap onto a Snap Jewellery Base Piece such as a pendant or bracelet – it requires an additional Base Piece to create a complete piece of jewellery, and is not designed to be used on its own.

Some photos may show more than one item. All purchases are for ONE Crystal Button only – any additional jewellery bases or buttons pictured are NOT included, and are available separately. See our other listings to choose your Snap Base piece or additional Decorative Buttons.


Snap Jewellery is a ‘mix & match’ style of jewellery: choose a ‘Snap Jewellery Base’ such as a pendant or bracelet, and then select your favourite decorative Snap Button or Snap Button Diffuser to snap onto it, adding your own style or colour, or to create a unique piece of personal Aroma Jewellery. Snap Buttons are available in a range of new age and boho designs, aromatherapy diffuser buttons, and natural semi-precious gemstones – all set on a standard 18mm snap button designed to click onto any of our Snap Jewellery Bases (available separately). Change your button or jewellery piece as often as you like to match your mood or outfit.

SNAP JEWELLERY PIECE: Round Amethyst Snap Button
SIZE: Approx 20mm Diameter
BUTTON STYLE: Natural gemstone in a raised dome shape, over a metal 18mm snap base
METAL: Zinc alloy base, silver coloured

AMETHYST is used when searching for spiritual guidance. It is a very spiritual stone with a high spiritual vibration, and increases meditative states, visualisations and spiritual awareness. It may also aid in blocking stress and promoting happiness.

PLEASE NOTE: Being made from natural gemstones, each button may vary slightly in size, colour or texture, and the piece you receive will NOT be identical to the one in the main photo – some are lighter or darker, or with more or less patterning, meaning every piece is unique and individual.