Returns PolicY


If your order has any problems when you first receive it, please also KEEP ALL PACKAGING MATERIALS / damaged items until we have been able to deal with the issue, and take photos to document any damage (including the packaging) once you become aware of it.


We’re proud of our range and our aim is to offer only top quality products, at value prices. But many of our goodies are fragile, or don’t travel well if continually re-shipped; even if they still appear new they could have unseen signs of damage, their packaging could be crushed, or the item may have even been used.

And so we make a guarantee to all of our customers that every item purchased from us will be brand new, and not something that has been shipped to anyone previously. Your inhaler stick has definitely not been in anyone else’s nose; your incense hasn’t bounced back and forth in the post so that it snaps when you try to light it – that kind of thing.

Because this promise to you is important to us, we can not re-sell returned items, and this is why WE CAN NOT ACCEPT ITEMS FOR RETURN BECAUSE OF CHANGE OF MIND, or because you don’t ‘like’ something or its scent.

We ask that you read the description carefully, rather than make assumptions based on a photo or title alone – photos can give an incorrect idea of size, so the best idea is to check the dimensions in the listing against what you’re expecting, before making the purchase. Photographs are taken by ourselves of the actual items available, and where there may be a natural variation in size or style of a certain product, we do our best to outline this in detail in the item description.

As many of our items are scent-based, you’ll also appreciate that scent is a very personal thing: what one person may love, another may not be so keen on! There are hundreds of different ‘versions’ of many scents (such as ‘Sandalwood’ or ‘Dragons Blood’ scented items) and they can be very different from one to the next.

Even pure essential oils can change in scent from batch to batch, or depending on their plant type, country of origin, or even the weather conditions. So do be aware that we cannot guarantee you will like any particular scent, or that it will smell the same as a product that you may have experienced before. 

Be assured that we endeavor to sell only the highest quality items, which we have described as accurately as possible – and all items are ones that we Queens would be happy to use ourselves. We’ve been in business since 2005 and have spent years vetting products and brands to supply only the items we trust as being high in quality. However we are unable to refund or exchange an item because you do not like a particular product.

If you’re unsure about a product and have a specific question about it, contact us with your query before making a purchase, so we can make sure you’re buying the correct item. (Just note, we’re not able to give personal or medical advice regarding any product).

Faulty items, or items that don’t match their description, will of course be replaced or a refund given on their return (see below).

What if an Item is Faulty, Not as Described, or Not What I Ordered?

The Queens work ultra-hard to check all our items before they go out, but even Queens are only human! On the rare occasion, a fault can be missed or a mistake may be made.

Please check your order carefully as soon as you receive the package, just to make sure everything is well and good, and there are no surprises. If there is a problem with the contents we ask that you contact us within a week of receiving your parcel so we can look into things for you.

Read below for the type of issue that you’ve encountered:

I’ve Been Sent the Wrong Thingie

If your item doesn’t match what you ordered, usually this is just a simple case of human error (even Monarchs can have a bad day). Please keep all the original packaging your order came in, and send us a photo and details about the thingie you did receive, and we’ll get back to you to sort it out. Email us at: [email protected].


My Goodies Arrived Faulty

Just send us through a photo of the damaged / faulty item, and we’ll do our best to resolve the problem ASAP – usually by a replacement, or a refund at our discretion. Please don’t be offended when we ask for a photo – many of our suppliers require this when we contact them about a fault. Please keep all packaging materials until we’ve sorted out the problem for you.

Often we can confirm a fault via a photo and there may be no need to return the item to us if it’s faulty or damaged, but on some occasions we may require you to return the item/s for evaluation or for us to return to our supplier – we’ll let you know how to return the product if needed.

Note: If your package was damaged during transit, see our SHIPPING Terms and Conditions, which works similarly but may fall under Australia Post’s Insurance service.

My Item was Damaged in the Post

We package all of our orders as carefully as we can to avoid breakages (using recyclable or recycled materials wherever possible – yay). So it’s very rare that any of our packages encounter this kind of problem, however on the odd occasion Australia Post can still manage to damage a package.

If you receive your order damaged, please take a photo of the item and email it to us at: [email protected]. Let us know what looks to be wrong, and whether there’s damage to the packaging as well.

If the box or packaging looks like it has been treated badly please take a photo or two of the packaging too, to show us the damage.

Important: Keep all the packaging materials your order came with until we’ve finalised the matter (we’ll let you know when you can toss them) – Australia Post often need to see these in person to make an assessment.

If an Item Develops a Fault

We pride ourselves on stocking only products that are good enough for a Queen to use, so this doesn’t occur often.

As with any decent product, our goodies are intended to last for a reasonable and fair period of use. While this is a flexible timeframe depending on the item, ‘reasonable and fair’ is also based on the item’s value – a lower priced item wouldn’t be expected to last as long as a more valuable one, for instance. If an item comes with a ‘free’ attachment, such as a free chain with a pendant, that free addition would be expected to work when you receive it, but isn’t guaranteed for any length of time.

If your item fails within a reasonable period of time, under normal usage as outlined in its listing or any instructions that came with it, then send us a photo and as much information as you have available, and we’ll do our best to sort it out for you if we can. Email us at: [email protected].

Return Process

See the categories above for the type of issue you have experienced.

Important: if your item has any problem when you first receive it from us, please keep all packaging materials / damaged items etc until we have been able to deal with the issue.

If, after you have contacted us, a return is required we will supply you with an authorisation number and simple instructions on how to get your item back to us. Please do NOT return any item unless you have been given this authorisation number – we cannot accept returns unless they are pre-approved and an authorisation provided to accompany your returned item. We’re sorry, but we cannot refund for any items returned without authorisation.

If a Returned Item is NOT Evaluated to be Faulty

If, after being authorised to return an item it is NOT evaluated as faulty (ie, it matches our description and the product is fit for the purpose for which it is sold, as per Australian Consumer Law), then we will not be able to issue a replacement or refund. In this case, if you wish for the item to be returned back to you as-is, we’ll need to ask you to pay the full return postage cost. Shipping charges on our orders are usually subsidised and so full postage costs will likely be higher than the amount you were charged when placing your order, however we won’t charge more than what Australia Post charges to re-post the item back to you.